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Originally Posted by Shadowdog500 View Post
+1. For a homeowner to invest in a $3k pellet grill it would be nice to have a way to at least try one before they buy it. Do they have a dealer network where you can go and at least use the demo model.

I agree that trying the food produced by a $3K pellet grill before dropping that kind of coin is prudent. I've owned a few different pellet grills (2 Traegers and Char Griller) before owning my Mak. I didn't care for the food put out by any of those....but, that's also before I owned a stick burner where I may have grown more accustomed to a lighter smoke profile that results from running a clean fire.


I bought my Mak 2* used and it's an early serial number. It was incredibly dirty...maybe never had been cleaned? I spent quite a bit of time cleaning it out and bringing it back to its former glory over several weeks...maybe months...and it was basically perfect under all that neglect. It's been dead nuts reliable since I bought it almost a year ago. I had one weird temp fluctuation issue due to a dirty temp probe but it was easily fixed. Someday I'll probably buy a new one that has some of the updated features but I'm very happy with it as is.

It doesn't have quite the character of the food I cook on my stick burner, if I had to place a number on it I'd say like 85%, but 85% of a Shirley is still pretty darn good and it lets me cook when I otherwise might not be able to.

The point to my rambling is this - while I think my Mak 2* puts out food that really works for my preferences, that price tag buys a quality built cooker that will tolerate _a lot_ of abuse (hopefully you dont) and keep on ticking. If you want to see what my 2* looked like before and after as a testament to their quality, click here.
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