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Thank you for the tip.. pliers opened on the top on inside of the bung hole and twist allowed me to open.. and I have the 2" one plus I also have some 3/4" hole that I opened as well.

So what I do now is leave my 3 vents at the top on the side open most of the time. I open the bung hole only if I have to get the temp climbing faster. Then when it's there I plug it up again and leave one and a half of my intake vents at the bottom. This seems to work.

However I see that my temp on the lid and temp on the side of barrel at cooking grate is still quite a bit lower than internal temp on the grate by the food. I will start looking for a pizza pan type of thing to place between the fire and food and drill some holes. I imagine this will make the temp more even around the cooking area.
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