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I have the CyberQ Cloud and the cloud stuff is pretty handy. I've had Bluetooth stuff in the past and it's annoying with disconnects and range issues. The Cloud works very well and while it's not the primary reason I chose the CyberQ Cloud, it certainly doesn't hurt, and I use it everyday I cook just temp monitoring. I would much rather prefer a phone app versus using a web browser and going to, but it works well enough so it's not the end of the world.

Good luck with your project; lots of competition right now and I still think the biggest bane of these types of devices is the wired probes. Those damned cables go bad all the time in high humidity environments, and it makes me furious. I love my MEATER because it doesn't have cables, but it also doesn't have a fan system, so for running my cabinet smoker all night long it doesn't have much utility anymore.
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