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Originally Posted by DRMSMKER View Post
I'm like you with my drum... I'm looking into the tappecue which will let you see your temps on your phone from anywhere as long as your house has internet. Will give me peace of mind. Already have a wireless unit but still haven't trusted my drum to go all night yet....
that tappecue is not a bad price for the unit with 4 probes. but a couple of things.

1. does it interface through the tappecue cloud or just through your home router? if their cloud is down does that mean your unit wont work?
2. does it have an option for fan control?

a heatermeter is about the same price and it does not use a cloud server. you can access the heatermeter ip address directly through a port,
and it will control a fan for even more temp control.

Originally Posted by blazinfire View Post
Yeah. makes for a good discussion. I can see where your going with this. Smaller splits probably would have a faster temp swing, but a larger piece of wood would take longer to reach higher temps but would ultimately burn longer and create more heat..
that's what Ive experience. yes.
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