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Originally Posted by Just ol Pop View Post
I need help like hole placement vents I would like three racks in mine. Need some drawing or plans help
What's the largest thing you plan on cooking? Add 1" to it's height and put your first rack down that amount from the top. What's the height of your charcoal basket? Add 1" and put your bottom rack no lower from the bottom than that. What is your goal for the 3 racks? The temp will be different at different heights in the drum. If you're planning on a baffle rack and a second rack for food, place the middle rack as close to the top rack as you dare, to keep the temps as close as possible. Don't plan on trying to cook on all 3 racks IMO. You'd need to experiment w/ JUST the charcoal basket and temp probes at each level to figure out what would be possible.

If you're doing a dome lid, you can do this:
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