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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by ASUBBQ View Post
$50.00 hr (8 hr min) plus expenses, truck fuel, wood, charcoal, rags, pit cleaning, etc.
I think 8 hours is still to short... You've got loading, transporting, cooking, and then cleaning...
Originally Posted by oceanpigassassins View Post
Are you cooking for seven hours plus your set up time. Also the pork and brisket are you going to pre cook
I'm assuming that you would need to at least partially cook the bigger cuts... That too adds time (and costs)

Originally Posted by drbbq View Post
Realistically it's three days work with prep, moving in and out, cooking and cleanup. So what would you expect to earn for three days work?
I wouldn't let them get the meat because it's unlikely they'll get exactly what you want and when you want it. Typically people do that because they're looking to save money. I'd offer the meat at cost but charge three days pay. I doubt they'll pay it.
I agree with Ray to a point (I'm thinking two days to your three). I do agree that you don't want them to get the meat... You could end up with chuck roasts & pork loins when you ask for Brisket & Butts...

Originally Posted by Bigdog View Post
For me, it would depend on how well I know the people.
BD, hit the nail on the head.... Figure out what you should charge and then work backwords based on friendship....
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