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The wheels are rubber coated and too close together so they wil have to go even though this thing is very heavy for it's size.

It's new and has a very thick coat of paint both inside and out. This is going to be a nasty burn out. lol

I have no idea what those two sight glasses were/are for but they will be removed and covered over.

The latches look like a good idea for holding a tight seal so we will have to see how they work out failing that, I have the clamp ring like a 55 gal.

Have to look into making a lid (16.5 Diameter) for her, any sugestions? Thinking of going with somethig heavy to help with the seal if the clamps don't work out or something lightweight if it holds.

I don't have a scale but this cylinder is very heavy and may take some time to heat up.

* EDIT* Sorry Divemaster I posted before I saw your reply. The wheels are rubber coated and have to go. Yes she's painted both inside and out.

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