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Question Dr_KY builds again...

I need a little help please.

As of today I am starting a new build and have a few questions regarding placement of the grate(s) and size of fire basket, vents, temp gauges ect. I have a few ideas in mind that I have 'loaned' from the Brethren

While mooching around work looking through sixty or so drums one of the maintance guys hooked me up with a cylinder that measures..
31'' H X 14-3/4'' Dia. The internal height is 27'' and internal diameter is 15 3/4.

Now I know this is smaller than the UDS but if I could get a good figure or two on placement in the UDS for these things it would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance guys, I'll post pictures of the raw clyinder tomorrow.

* Bob B. you wanna find a name for this one or should we let everyone draw straws? * lol

I was looking at these out in the lot when I was given the white one i'll be using in this build..


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