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Originally Posted by Big_kat View Post
the reverse sear method is definitely the way to go if cooking any kind of meat that is over an inch or inch and a half thick. I set my Big Joe up with a half moon heat shield on one side and open fire on the other side. This allows me to somewhat smoke the steaks for about 20 min or when the internal is close to 110*. I then pull them off the grill and open everything up all the way to get the temps in the 900* range and pat the meat dry before placing on the meat directly over the fire and give it about 2 min per side to sear it. Steaks turn out perfect more often than not. Crust ->medium rare ->crust. No gray overcooked meat at all.
Thank you and EVERYONE for all the great suggestions!!

The reverse sear seems to be the way to go, so I'll try that this evening.
I've salted my meat and put in fridge now...but will pull the steak for about a hour before it hits the heat.

I'll shoot for setting up a two level fire with a half moon ceramic over one half of the BGE XL and likely will use my fire pit brackets to make most of the coals under the open side of the grill set up.

I'll throw it on the cooler, indirect side, till about 110F-115F..then, remove to rest for about 20 min.

I'll open up the vents to get it blazing on the open side and do the quick sear/grill on the open side of the grill for about 1 min each side and see how it goes.....

Does that sound like a plan?

Thank you EVERYONE for the great advice and images!!

I'm now starving!!!


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