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Try a reverse sear.

Cook the steak at a lower temperature until about 10-15 degrees or so below your desired doneness. The lower temp, longer cook allows a more even heating to avoid over cooking the ends and thinner sections. The ultimate is a souse vide, but you can also cook the steak at 275 on the Egg and add some smoke flavor. Starting with a cold steak is actually hurting you, so try to give it some time at room temp before cooking as well.

When the steak is at the desired temp, take it off and let the outside cool a bit while you prepare for the sear. I put it in the fridge, or on ice if the time to sear is going to be brief, just sitting on the counter works if your fire needs more time. Open the vents on the BGE to get it blazing, or you can build a fire in a charcoal chimney. Either way, as the steak cools get the fire HOT.

Ditch the cast iron grate. They are great for making grill marks, but with a steak you want to sear the entire surface if you can. Use a thinner grate with more gap and less bar. Place the grate close to the fire, such as lowered into the bowl of the BGE on a Spider or set it right on top of the charcoal chimney. If the fire is hot and you are close, it will sear the outside quickly without over cooking the inside, even on the thinner sections.

The exact temperature you will need to take the steaks off the slow cook will vary with how you sear and how and how long you let it cool pre-sear. Try to be deliberate and consistent and take notes so you know how to adjust if you over or undershoot on your first try.
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