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Question Help Needed: Grilling A Steak Right....

Ok, I dunno what has happened to me. When younger, I was pretty darned good at cooking a good medium rare steak on the grill. I'd usually just use the "poke" method to see how the steak felt.

But these days, even with using a Thermopen, and everything I can try...I can't seem to get a steak evenly cooked and medium rare any more.

Most of the time they are overcooked.

One thing that dawned on me, I used to cook thinner steaks in my, maybe a bit easier to judge.

I'm springing lately for prime grade steaks that are no less than 1.5 inches or thicker.

So, I'm hoping for a primer if someone could help me.

I have a Big Green Egg XL.
I have what I believe to be an accurate Thermopen thermometer.

I've tried variations...going "steak house" heat with quick grilling at 800F or more high temps, with varied success.

I've lately been trying to do in the 450 range or so. I have heavy cast iron grates for good sear marks.

I've been leaving the center a little cold from the fridge to give me some wiggle room I thought.

I've been pulling steaks when the center is about 120F..thinking that would be right for carryover heat.

But I seem to consistently get ends (especially on NY strips) that are well done...and only one section in the dead center that are at best medium to medium well.

Last time I did about 3 minutes one side, flip, 3 minutes flip and turn to start crosshatch grill marks...3 min more roughly and off the grill...dead center temp was about 120F...outer part overdone.

So, right now, I have a 2.34LB prime grade, nicely marbled, bone-in rib eye steak. It appears to be about 1.75 inches thick.

Please, someone give me some pointers on how to get this thing cooked properly to medium rare throughout on my BGE XL. I've reached the point where I know I need help...
[hangs head in shame]

Thanks in advance!!

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