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somebody shut me the fark up.

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My heart goes out to all of you who have lost family and friends.

Kind of been avoiding this thread, it brings back a flood of memories.

Last year I made my first and only thread in the "Discussion and Reflection" section of the Brethren when a dear friend shot himself.
His death sent me over the edge.
Having lost one friend to cancer, one to hanging, my ex-husband, my best friend (Christmas, new years, hanging out, fishing buddy), a sibling---that I still can't talk about, (helped me get through when my parents died).....all of these in a year.
His suicide just blew me away.
Not sure that I've ever felt so lost before.

It was the Brethren who helped me deal with the loss. It was my friends at the Brethren who convinced me to keep cooking when I didn't even have the will to eat.
I can't thank my Brethren friends enough. There are some amazing people here.

Like Greg said. There's more to BBQ than just food. Friends and family, whether they are online or sittin' at your kitchen table, are the most important.

Recently someone said they weren't going to look at my posts anymore because it made them feel "jealous". To me, that's not what BBQ or this forum is about. It's about offering a chair to a friend to "pull up" to your table and share what you've cooked. I do that with my close friends at home and feel the same about my online Brethren friends.
I thought about my posts and wondered what I am doing wrong. Will just keep posting til I figure it out. Life's too short....

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I have had so much wonderful, freely given advice and opine on this board...BBQ Bandit, QTR, Boshizzle, Cowgirl and others....I have never met these good people but I do consider them friends... through que. Don't know of another board with such nice, helpful people.....JMHO....good folks make you feel good just being around them.....
Thank you!! I consider you to be a great friend too.
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