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Originally Posted by gtr View Post
Got a beautiful prime grade standing rib roast that's about 11.5#. It's gonna get the Q-salt treatment. I normally just sprinkle it on 'till it looks good, usually while the cooker is warming up.

Is there anything you would do different, i.e. put rub sooner, use a certain amount, etc.? I am generally pleased with the results I get, but just wondering what you'd do since you've thought about this waaaaay more than I have...

In short is there a benifit to hitting with the q-salt earlier & if so how much earlier?

I either put on right before I cook, or dry brine it at 1-2 hours per pound. (12-24 hours in your case)

The salt will start to pull moisture from the meat if it sits there long. If it is on long enough it will get pulled back in (assuming its wrapped tight), effectively dry brining it.

I've dry brined a few tomahawks and they turned out well. I've not done a rib roast.

With a prime beauty like that, I'd be tempted to stay simple and season right before it goes on.

Or you could get fancy and make a compound butter with the Q-Salt and parsley and then slather the roast with it

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