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I would like to thank the poster mod guy who posted that thing about new members. Had a point I made a while back where I thought the word "freshmen" or even "Sophomore" memeber (which more precisely defines what a new member is of about any body, instead of the derogatory "Newbie," "Newby," "Noob," "Nubie," "Noobe," "Noobie," or anything like that. In fact, I now think the words could be put into the word sensor thingy to make an excellent point. One is, who actually knows whether a new member is new at BBQ and second... what if we end up turning off a new member who would have shared the Moinkball, or ABT, or Fattie, or Bacon Explosion. You never know where your next great thing is gonna come from.

Well, other than officially making Mindy Vegas or Sasha Blonde the official mascot of the BBQ Brethren I am out.
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