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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
Glad to hear the LION works.
Sorry to hear that you have to spend extra money on a nice dinner.
I should point out first of all that the buyer of the LION needs IT knowledge
Or the buyer needs to pay extra $100 for service.
It was my fault.
Can you keep alive a few weeks.
I must give you a free wGrill as compensation for my fault.

wGrill is a bbq thermometer with WIFI ,two probes.
wGrill is indeed a simplified model of LION, just lack of CONTROL but Keep feature of Monitor. You can access wGrill to Internet as LION.
That sounds great. I will keep it up and running for a couple of weeks. The wgrill sounds interesting. Let me know what you need to know so you can send it to me. Thanks
So I got that going for me. Which is nice.
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