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The document I linked from Rocks Stoker explains in a nutshell how to access the controller from the outside world, in a fairly rudimentary fashion. As it mentions the issue is that your ISP tends to change your IP address fairly frequently. If you follow the instructions given to set up port forwarding for your lion's IP address it would be possible to navigate to your modem's IP address and you could then access the lion from the outside world. It is fairly easy to figure out your current IP address by Googling "what is my IP". If you navigate to that address from an outside network, say on your smartphone using wireless data, you should be 'forwarded' to the Lion.

It would be rather unfortunate if in the middle of an overnight smoke, your ISP decided to change your IP address. The solution is what is called a dynamic DNS service. There are multiple companies that offer these services, and they start at $free and up. Depending on how much you are willing to pay, you could potentially have our own web address, such as, and navigating there would give you outside access to your smoker controller.

Personally, I chose a free service provided by that I am more than happy with. I have an address along the lines of (I don't want to give out my actual site to prevent anyone from ruining my food! A nice feature for the lion would be a password for the temp settings page.

You need to make sure that the dynamic dns service is supported by your router's firmware. Another reason for ddwrt, it had a bunch to chose from, whereas the old dlink that I was originally experimenting did not seem to support any dynamic dns that had a free service. Ho hum.

First things first, figure out which dynamic dns service is compatible with your router, and register for an account with that company. Easy, right?

Now, log into your router and access the Dynamic DNS page. Every router will be different (Mr Wang WAS right) however, they will all ask for the same basic information: the web address you just registered with your dynamic dns service (eg and the IP address of your Lion (that one is easy, you must have typed it in at least 20 times now) and possibly also a port number, also easy 80.

Save your settings and reboot the router. Verify that you can no log into the Lion form an outside network using your new website.

This guide would probably be a whole lot better if I had access to the lion and my router, then I could do screenshots and everything! Anyway, I hope this is helpful to someone.
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