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Getting the Lion online was a huge hassle! As Mr Wang says different computers require different settings... Personally I don't buy it, the onus should be on him as the manufacturer/retailer. Interestingly, Rocks Smoker has some pretty useful documentation on their website. This helped:

The steps I followed we these:

Firstly, connect to the Ad Hoc network on a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc doesn't really matter which and go to the supplied address ( I found windows 7 chrome worked for the most part, but I do remember having to use Mozilla for a while. May have been a cookies issue, not sure. Safari on my iPhone and iPad worked most of the time, while m buddy with an android phone struggled to connect. Anyway, once connected play around with it to get a feel for the layout etc. you should be able to control your smoker from this point. This is as far as the provided guidance goes. Disconnect from the Golden Lion network.

Next, log into your router using a patch cable - I took the opportunity to install ddwrt, which is far more capable, open source firmware for various different routers. You will need to figure out your router's config page, often, and username and password, often admin/admin. At this point I would (temporarily) disconnect all other devices from the router. Disable security for your network and reboot the router.

Now, disconnect the patch cable and reconnect to the ad hoc golden lion network. Navigate to the IP address and select the wireless network settings option from the left. The username is admin and the password 000000. Change the SSID from GOLDEN-LION to whatever your home network SSID is, eg Smith Home etc. Change the network mode to infra. Leave the encryption as disabled for now.

In the network settings option below leave DHCP enable unchecked and enter a fixed IP address. It is critical that you keep the first 3 numbers of the address the same as those in your router's address. So if you router is at then you need to pick address for your Lion in the 192.168.1.x format. You could leave it at .15, I think I chose .190, it just has to be a number less than 255 and cannot be .1. For the subnet use, for the default gateway use the IP address for your router, and for the DNS I used

Some routers may have an address in the 192.168.0.x range, just make sure you follow that format when choosing your IP address for the Lion.

Save your settings and you will find you are no longer connected to the GOLDEN-LION network, and in fact it no longer exists. Reconnect to your home network (eg Smith Home or whatever) and verify you have Internet access. Now navigate to your Lion using the IP address you just created, in my case, you should now have access to your controller while connected to your home network.

This is where it started to get tricky for me, clearly it would be less than ideal to leave your home network unprotected, so you want to re-enable the wifi security for your network. WPA2 is currently the most secure encryption you can get on a standard home network, so this is the one I wanted. I am trying to write this from memory as I am out of town and do not have access to my lion, so I cannot remember the exact options. Log into the wifi settings page on the lion, select your encryption type and enter the pass phrase. For WPA2 you want to select WPA2-PSK and the AES or CCMP option, do not select TKIP. As I said, I am trying to do this from a 6 month old memory of when I set mine up so this may not be exact. Save the settings for the Lion and then turn it off.

Now log into your router using a patch cable and re-enable network security, matching the same type and pass phrase you set on the Lion. Save and reboot your router, disconnect the patch cable. Turn on the Lion, and attempt to reconnect to your home wifi network, it should ask for a network key this time. You should now have access to the Internet and also your Lion (at its IP address) at the same time, behind a protected network. Great, huh?

It frustrates me that Mr Wang could not take the time to write a guide, or at least pay someone for doing it. This only took an hour or so, and I am trying to do this from memory. Maybe I should get paid?!

Next up, accessing the controller from the World Wide Web (like when you have to go to the grocery store as you've run out of beer)
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