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Default Brisket - Night Train in a Dark Closet - for the Funky Only

Well its time for another discussion on the funk and this time, before actually getting into the meat of the subject I thought I would simply go-ahead and make my disclaimers and exclusions up front.

This dance is not for those that believe have experienced or subscribe the following:

  • Have eaten at one of the Texas Meccas which are limited to Kreuz, Smittys, Blacks, Muellers, Angelos, Taylor Café, Southside Market, Mt Zion, etc, etc. and already accept they turn out a tender product. These people already have a target to shoot for.
  • accept dogma that states that properly cooked brisket should SNAP apart at pencil width and that anything outside that thickness is inadequate and anything more tender than that is overcooked, although it may be juicy still.
  • are totally satisfied with their brisket and under no circumstances wish to ever explore a brisket’s true nature.
  • do not wish to explore how this lesson can teach you proper feel but want to rely solely on your Internal Temp.
  • Will read an experiment, try it but add their own twist to it, and bitch about why they didn’t like the experiment when it was their own twist that ruined it.
  • Anyone who wants to argue about this technique’s place in BBQ when it is not attempting to become part of a bbq technique. (This will make more sense as you go along)
  • Anyone who wishes to give up and just say “I guess I am just not funky.” Because you are… you are funky!
  • The rare few that know the “feel” so intimately that this exercise is superfluous.
  • Not for those who do not care for me or my ideas, but still check my posts and threads with clocklike precision just so they can announce for the umpteenth time they do not care for me, the funk or my ideas.

This dance is for:

  • Those that have heard about “feel” but can’t go to the meccas to try it themselves, thereby leaving in the dark as to what TENDERNESS is.
  • those who are willing to follow simple instructions.
  • Those that realize sometimes it is easier to dial something back a bit than start from scratch.
  • Those that understand that sometimes great things can be learned by going way off tangent then back to center.
  • Someone that realizes that sometimes in order to teach someone something that is out of a region or far away and over the internet we must sometimes be precise in our experiments even if at first it makes no sense as to its legitimate application.

Now if you are ready. let’s go!
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