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Ok, so here's a funny story....So here I am all freaked out about my drum and not knowin' what to do. My brother finally got back to town, and I spoke with him about it...So he said he'd try some to see if he would get an after taste.(so long as he didn't die from lead poisoning or something).
Anyways he stopped by and had a bone or two. I asked him to wait a while because it took somtime(maybe 5 min) for me to develope the after taste and kind of a dry sensation in my mouth. Well time went by and he said he didn't notice any bitter after taste, just they were just good. I remember when the wife originally tried some after the first cook, and she said she hadn't noticed anything wierd. (After I sensed something wrong, I told her not to eat any more till I either figured it out, or did away with the whole mess). So then the only other thing that came to mind was that on the day of the first cook was,(if your'e still following this is where it starts getting funny....And if it proves to be true....Go ahead and laugh your arse off) I took a double dose of a generic prilosec to calm my acid reflux problem. Periodically I stop taking them to see if I can do without by changing my diet(this time I stopped consuming most soft drinks due to the amount of acid in them). I had gone afew days without the meds and the acid reflux was comin' back hard, so I took a double dose...Figured it was safe, and that it would help faster, and besides a doctor a few years back wanted me to take that dosage of prilosec (Don't know if both drugs are the same)...Later I read only to take one a day...So I mentioned that to my brother and we read a little more of the fine print ("ferric oxide red, Ferric oxide yellow"), These were two of the first three ingrediants...It's farkin IRON!.....What's the chances of getting too much Iron intake, by taking the medicine?...and having it leave a bitterness and dry sensation in my mouth and dancing on my taste buds....Well I don't know for sure, but I gotta take the wife to the doctors tomorrow and I'm going to see what she thinks.
After I had scrubbed out the UDS I decided to give it just another seasoning burn..So I fired her up and let her burn for an hour or so, and in the mean time I made my a fatty stuffed with cream cheese, sundried tomatoes, Green olives, and a little gorgonzola for flavor. Cooked her maybe a little long(about 180*), and then sliced it up and got me a taste.
Did'nt notice any wierd after taste...And I had noticed as the day had progressed that my dry mouth thingy had gradually, pretty much gone away...I gave it some time to see if any after taste or anything would come, and happy to say no! So then I thought I would try some of the que' I made from the first two cooks. Just the slightest after taste, but tasted more like rub ingreadiants with nothing matallic about it...And it didn't leave my mouth dry like the last two nights.
The night of the first cook I took a double dose of the medicine, last night I only took one, and tonight I did'nt take any...I believe as its getting back to normal level in my system...So are my taste buds.

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