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Originally Posted by firecracker jack View Post
After the first cook in which I used a fair amount of mesquite which could have led to a bitter after taste....I tried again yesterday with another cook using only maple...I ate only a taste of the ribs....They had no unusual flavor while eating them but still had some off taste afterwards.

I thought I' start by washing the drum clean with soap and water then rinsing it out thouroughly....It had a real oily gummy substance on it....I heard someone say that Mesquite is a very heavy oily smoke and I wondered if that was leaving the residue and after taste??? Or if I used too much veg. oil when seasoning and that led to the oily substance?

Anyways when I scrubbed the inside down and wiped it dry..I noticed it really still had a metalic smell to it. I figured after a seasoing burn, and two cooks with wood smoke it would have lost that smell....So I don't know which way to go from here....Do I do another barrel burn with a real hot fire???Or just another seasoning attempt,(this time without the ash pan so the heat from the coal basket gets more directly to the bottom of the barrel.)..Or do I chit-can the farkin thing and find another source and drum?????
That is weird!

Did you use less wood? My charcoal basket has a 17" diameter and is 6" high. I usually fill it with all KF briquettes with about 2 - 3 fist size chunks of wood.

Are you sure that you are using a rub that you have used in another cooker without any problems? Don't you own a DPP60? Fire that thing up and cook a butt with the same rub and same wood to see if you get the weird taste.

If that does not work, I would throw that farkin drum away and buy a brand new one. I would rather spend some extra $$$ than get sick or nasty food.
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