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Last night I took my wife and kids up to Lockhart. We go there once a month for our barbecue binge. We live just north of San Antonio, in Bulverde.

We went to Chisolm Trail first and had brisket and sausage (and sides). On the way out, we picked up some hot links and a pound of sausage at Kreuz's. This is rare, but I wanted to compare again because of recent threads like this one. I did so in the parking lot.

I really hope that folks will analyze this cliche' very carefully when heading to Lockhart:

"The local people eat at Chisolm Trail"

Think about it. Meditate upon it. Sound each phonetic particle in your mind.

Not only do the local people eat there, but also my family. The reason is because the barbecue is absolutely amazing, and consistently so.

I will never go to Blacks, Smitty's, or Kreuz's again.

As to Coopers, (there is a new one on the way in New Braunfels) they specifically try not to have smoke flavor in their meats. I was told that personally by Mr. Cooper.

We ate at the one in Llano once, before I knew this fact. Then we ate in the new one in New Braunfels right after it opened.

We drive past it every month on our way to Chisolm Trail.

And don't ever get me going about Barbecue in San Antonio ... Bile Millers ...

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