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Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
Looking into a couple CL possibilities. Is the Hondo and BD the same type of cooker? What is metal thickness? And would you guys recommend either one? I'm familiar with the mods it's gonna need. Is is better it better quality and thickness that the Brinkmann S&P I once owned? The owner claims it's new and never been used. Wants 125, but maybe can get it for 100.

Secondly, A guy has an OK Joe Smoker. I know how heavy and thick that bad boy is cause my buddy stole one for around 400, almost new. What are the pros and cons with that model? This guy wants 425, and I offered 225. I douby he'll bite since they run close to 600-700 new and his is in decent shape, but you never know.

Any and all comments, opinions, and farking statements welcome.

I just want to get a little stick burner again.
If you are only doing ribs, or chicken. If you want to do something larger and have to tend the fire twice as long, then I'd pass.

Which model OK Joe are you looking at?
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