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I purchased my drum from a company that reconditions them....I told them the intended use(for a smoker). and they said it would be alright for that use...After I got it home I started to get a little parinoid about using it. I called them back just to be sure. They asked for the code # on the bill of sale and reassured me that there should have been nothing hazardous in the barrel, but once reconditioned there was no way of knowing...They did explain that in the reconditioning process, the drums are put through a blast furnace which heats to an extreme temperature and cooks it back to bare metal...Then they repaint the outside and put a rust preventative on the inside.....I then burned it twice, hot enough to cook the paint off of most of the outside, for about three hours each time..I had flames a foot or so above the top of the barrel..and then did about a 8 - 10 hour seasoning burn at about 280 - 300* with coal....

I'm hoping It'll be alright???? Any comments???


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I may have missed it somewhere, jack, but what was in your drum before clean-out?
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