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Originally Posted by Big Sexy View Post
Has anyone heard of...
smoking pork butts the night before an event... but not smoking them 100%. Just smoke them several hours; to where they're around 85% done.... then removing them from the smoker & placing them in the fridge (over night)... then finish the cooking at the event?
If you mean your home fridge then the answer is no you can't. No way it can cool a butt within 4 hours with other food in it.

you could cook it all the way, pull it and put in ziplocks and get a large 150 qt cooler with 44 lbs ice and some water and do a water bath to cool it. Then put in fridge. Reheat in foil pan with sauce and apple juice the next day.

Originally Posted by Jerk Pit Master View Post
The biggest concern will be cooling a whole butt fast enough and reheating it fast enough to meet HD regulations. If your short on time, cook it all the way, pull, quick chill and reheat or butterfly the butt and cook in less time the day of.
You hit the nail on the head. It can't cool whole in 4 hours. Now maybe 1 butt in a large freezer will get to 40f internal but not in the fridge. Just a case of sick people waiting to happen.

how about getting up and starting the cook at midnight and cooking thru the night. Doing that tonight for tomorrows vending.
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