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Look this is easy. I can't afford either a pellet cooker or a stick burner so they both suck.

Seriously I have never tasted food from a pellet cooker and look forward to the experience. I have always cooked with charcoal and chunks (BGE & UDS). I love the rock solid temps on the egg so i image the FEC's etc are awesome in that regard. I love the over the coals profile of the UDS but you can get too much color on your product in a heart beat if you are not careful.

Go to Hill Country in NYC and you will be blown away but how good the que is and I think they use propane with sticks for flavor. I really think it's how well you use the tools you have. A great cook with enough time in can master any of these. It's all good.

Donny, I dig how you are trying to get people to think and discuss this stuff.
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