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Thumbs up eBay Carbon Steel Cutlery Scores

Yeah, I'm a dork.

I came home from Lockhart a couple weeks ago completely fascinated (obsessed?) with all aspects of Central Texas BBQ. Being a photographer, I've been particularly moved and motivated by the Wyatt McSpadden book I picked up

Anyway, I figured the guys at Kreuz & Smitty's know more about meat cutting than I every will. And I've been jonesing for a dedicated carving knife I can keep hidden from my wife. So decided to see how cheap I could find Dexter knives on eBay like the ones the cool guys use. Here's what I got...

$12.50 plus shipping for all three. SCORE!

This 12" carver is the same model number the pitmaster at Kreuz uses. (No doubt that was the only thing keeping my brisket from being as good as theirs...)

Also found me a 2.5lb cleaver for $6.50 plus flat-rate shipping. <grin> I know 2.5lbs doesn't sound like much, but nothing I've ever handled from Henckels or Wusthof compares to this. My Vaughan framing hammer weighs less.

These are my two favs. The others are just gravy.

I've spent a few hours here and there over the last week learning how to sharpen them and finally got it down. Now all of them have a razor edges that will shave hairs off my arm (or gush blood before you even notice the cut...) with zero effort. Can't wait for the next batch of BBQ. Need to make some carne asada tacos now just for an excuse to get that cleaver out...
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