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Originally Posted by Bud's BBQ View Post
Please let me bring some understanding on this matter.

Underneath all of the controversy surrounding so called "pellet poopers" vis a vis real bbq pits that burn actual sticks of wood, is a religious based understanding. Good etiquite suggests that 'religion' not be discussed with friends let alone in public.

That said, the reality is: God don't like pellets and God loves, really loves folks that tend the fire all night with real farkin wood - please put your hands on the radio and say........ "Amen".

The Right Reverend Billy Sol Hargus
Del Rio Texas

I personally can tell the difference between whether the meat is cooked over live coals or otherwise. I have eaten meat that was gassed, cooked in them pellet thingys, electric smokers, water pan smokers, and in the oven. I really can't taste much difference in any of those, (except the oven, no smoke). In the UDS I use charcoal and a LOT of wood chunks, I am still coming to terms with not having a fire barrel.

For me, it's got to be live coals, I'm sure 90% of customers can't tell the difference.

How do they hold the pellets together anyway, are they just sawdust pressed into discs? There's no glue in them is there?
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