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Hey Rich,

After watching how steady the temps held after I got them to stabilize(even though they weren't as low as I would like), without having to do any adjusting Or fiddlin' around with anything, or addin fuel. I was already impressed to the point of selling the Diamondplate pit 60...Ran a sales add today...Just kiddin.
Crazy as it might sound..I like tending the big stick burner all day...Grab me a chair..Find some shade...Maybe a glass of iced tea...Throw a stick or two on every once in a while...Heck I guess I just like playing with fire! And then there's always you get to eat at the end...Even if your Que' don't turn out any good because you're just gettin' started learning your new pit, go ahead and eat it anyways...You don't really gotta' tell any body about it..

Originally Posted by Rich Parker View Post
Nice lookin drum!

That stainless steel hardware is costly, but I wouldn't want to chance with using anything else.

When you are ready to get rid of that DPP 60, let me know...
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