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I have a couple of BGE's and an FEC. When I first got my FEC some of the first cooks on it were kind of lack luster, not enough smoke flavor for me. It is certainly a much cleaner tasting smoke, and has a very distinct flavor.

I have gotten around this by doing a low smoke temp(170) with out of the fridge meat for about 4hrs, then raise it to 220-250 for the finish. Since then I have been really liking the product turned out. It is really nice to know that it will be the same time after time. One of the other major reasons was so I could have my wife start/tend/take off anything. I have 2 full time jobs and cater quite a few things. It was really hard with my eggs and having to start a fire (which my wife refused to do). With the fec it is as easy as turning on an oven...Hell I have a 6 step instruction page that ANYONE could walk up and do.

The FEC is isn't great for everyone but for me it fit the bill for what I needed to do...With that said my next purchase will be a stick burner.

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