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Default Questions from a rookie pelleteer

OK, my CS680 just got delivered this weekend, and I've got a few questions after playing with it some!

1) When put on smoke setting, it only ran at about 160 degrees. I am used to smoking more in the neighborhood of 225, which on my control board meant dialing it up to about halfway between low and medium. I'm guessing that I'm going to have to order a digital control board to get the consistency that I was hoping for. If indeed that is the case, should I go with the CS brand or is there a better (quality and price!) option that is easily installed? The CS brand seems to go for about $200.

2) This question is probably going to cause folks to share a lot of opinions, but, I'll post it anyway! Which pellets are most recommended? With the unit, I purchased Louisiana Grills own brand of pellets. Are they as good as any other? They ran about $10 for a 20 pound bag, which seemed quite reasonable. In no particular order, I guess that I am looking for recommendations based on a) cost; b) flavor; c) heat output; and d) typical burn rate/hour (at 225).

I've been reading through a lot of posts on here, and my head is spinning! Thanks for all of the great info posted. My neighbor bought a BGE at the same time, so our little neighborly Q competition is officially ON!!!
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