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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
Okay, I went through Woodpile and stuff for Pellet Discussion and saw a lot of noise.

So... as one all wood guy... to other, whatever you guys use. Please, talk to me. No insults, no reason to get all upset, really.... what's the deal? Why is this considered a joke by some.

Please let me bring some understanding on this matter.

Underneath all of the controversy surrounding so called "pellet poopers" vis a vis real bbq pits that burn actual sticks of wood, is a religious based understanding. Good etiquite suggests that 'religion' not be discussed with friends let alone in public.

That said, the reality is: God don't like pellets and God loves, really loves folks that tend the fire all night with real farkin wood - please put your hands on the radio and say........ "Amen".

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