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Default Serious Discussion On Pellets

Okay, I went through Woodpile and stuff for Pellet Discussion and saw a lot of noise.

Now everyone knows I use all wood, and have tasted great BBQ from people using Wood Charcoal. LOL and bad BBQ made from Wood Burners.

So I saw one of these little pellet thingys so work the other day and though it was neat. However, I have never had any Q from one.

Then... I find that there is a HUGE tissy about it.

So please, feel me in. Last time I commented on this I was told, quite abruptly I might ad, that people can and DO win contests with this.

Plus, second only yo the term "boiling" I here a sort of back-handed joke about it.

So... as one all wood guy... to other, whatever you guys use. Please, talk to me. No insults, no reason to get all upset, really.... what's the deal? Why is this considered a joke by some.

I have NOT tasted BBQ from this type of machine. I actually CAN tell electric and Gas NTTAWWT.

Be this as it may... people at my church (which is a growing BBQ Society) are asking me and I am trying PUSH them toward starting a Drum Society.

Once again.... don't be insulting (unless its toward me) because a friend of yours here could use one....
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