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Alright man! After a bunch of runnin' around today; hardware stores-more hardware stores, down to the local steel fabricators to see the welder feller'...Well I was able to get the uds together enough to do a seasoning burn...Had a littlle trouble getting her going because I thought she was getting too hot, too quick, so I did a dumb thing and shut down the intake too much. It about snuffed the fire but I caught her at about 150* by removing all available caps and the other vent cap, then she started to climb again. Slowly at first, but before long she was back at about 220*. So I started puttin' caps and plugs back on..Got her to regulate at about 280*, stayed there for a good hour...Then a little spike to 300*, so I adjusted the intake. 45 minutes later she's about 260.....All in all I think she's doin' fine, and I'm pretty excited about gettin' her dirty with a butt, and some baby-backs this weekend...
With my selection of materials for the build, the coal basket is settin' up about an inch too high...I've only got 23" between the charcoal grate and the bottom rack...Hope it'll be ok????!!!
Still can't seem to be able to find that used webber kettle...Dang!...Supposed to rain some tomorrow....Good day for yard sales...Huumm???...I'll be cookin' with or without come sunday...Here's some pics.

This has been a fun project, and I want to take time to thank everyone for this thread. It's been a lot of help,(even though I still got a lot of readin' to do to finsh).

Dpp 60
and a UDS...still to be finished

Be prepared she's not real cute!

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