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This is a great thread with a lot of info...I've read quite a bit of it but still have quite away to go. I was reading last night while my second barrel burn cooled down. I found a reconditioned drum for about 20$..Being reconditioned they couldn't be sure what was in it, but from the code # they had, there should'nt have been anything hazardous in it....In the reconditioning process it was put through as blast furnace and burnt back to bare metal..Then repainted on the outside and some kind of rust prventative on the inside...I burned it twice withe flames a foot or two above the top...Each burn went about three hours...It got hot enough on the bottom to burn the paint off the outside, but only discolored the paint on the top.

Think that's hot enough or should I do it again, until I burn all of the paint off?
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