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Default Help in choosing a Pellet grill... FE vs. Louisiana Grill

Still doing research on selecting the right pellet grill for me.
I've been cooking on a Weber Gas grill for the past 18 years.

Last weekend I visited a store that had all 3 grills that I've been researching:
- The Fast Eddy FE 1000 PC
- The Louisiana Grill (Kentwood)
- The Louisiana Grill (570 Country Smoker)

Without question the FE was the best of the bunch, for a number or reasons, one being that it was a section of grill that provides direct cooking over flame for searing. The unit is HUGE however and I think is way more grill than I need.

The Kentwood is also a very nice well built grill, but has a small hopper that cannot be expanded and a relatively small cooking surface.

My main concern with the 2 Louisiana Grills is whether I can actually "sear" the sides of my rib steaks and provide that nice crisp crust that can be done over an actual flame.

Any comments on those who have experience with these grills would be greatly appreciated.

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