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Originally Posted by firecracker jack View Post
Sorry to jump in with more questions from a newby but...I found a drum at a decent price...But I don't know what was in it...They said that it was a reconditioned drum, cleaned out, and then treated with a rust inhibitor...From what I've read It'll be ok If I burn it out a few times?..Any thoughts?....
Is there a proper burn out proceedure?....
Make your bottom holes and fire it up. As hot as you feel safe.
I read about a couple of ways:
Put your air intake holes in her to let her breath and use an assortment of wood...
Or use a weed burner...

Should it be wire wheeled after the burn?
I use a wire wheel on a threaded rod and a heavy drill. Keeps from having to get in drum. I wash out with a mix of hot water and Tide.
And how do you season it?
Spray with pam and cook a couple of fatties or Butt!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ok let's see your Butt!
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