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Originally Posted by Phubar View Post
Today I got my charcoal basket back from the welder and I realized that I gave the wrong measurement in height.
My basket is now 13cm/5" tall and diameter is 43cm/17".
How long can I cook with a full basket if everything is going ok (temp,wind etc.)?
I also had a basket made and I think the guy welding was really getting into it - he built it like a tank! 16" dia 6" tall

I wanted to see how a full basket (to the top rim but not any higher)would burn and cooked for 12 hours and burned little over 1/3 of the coals. It will definately cook for as long as I need it to.

Sits about 3" high on the coal grate. Ash drops right through.

Just added coals to start the cook.


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