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Originally Posted by Neselba View Post
If about the time to remain the meat fresh, it depends
on too many variables.Vacuum sealing is best increasing
shelf life but the best way is to store when it is frozen.

This is the problems if you don't store it below 38 degrees Fareignheit,
the meat develop these strains of clostridium botulinum that will grow
and produce toxins.
Important thing to note is that there has to be air as well. Generally 4 days in the fridge is good in a normal ziplock. Seal it up and stick it in one of the drawers you're probably good for over a week.

When I buy my side of beef my butcher vacuum seals the meat and I've had it in for 2 years.(found one package of Del Monico's I wasn't going to let go)

but the longer you leave it out before freezing the less time in the freezer you can keep it.
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