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Originally Posted by KC_Bobby View Post
Rest it for a good hour. Did you inject prior to cooking or add in any liquid into the foil? Next time inject a bit of beef broth and add about a cup of it when you foil.

10+ hours also seems like a long time for just a flat, especially on a UDS. UDS users????
That's a REALLY long time on a UDS considering I did one this past weekend that was 3.5lb flat and it was done in around 4 hours, and that picking it up from the store that morning, bringing it home, seasoning it and putting it on the UDS at 240 degrees. I'd check your therms to make sure they're reading right too. The only other way it would have been that dry is if you overcooked it on top of not letting it rest.

Here's the link from where I posted in another forum:
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