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So I am getting ready to cook on the UDS since I haven't used it in about 2 months or so. The only thing was I had problems last time with temps. I just can't seem to get above 220*. I have ( 1/2" holes in the flat lid and (4) intakes around the bottom. For my intakes I have (2) 3/4" x 3" pipes with caps and (2) ball valves. With all four open all the way I can't hit higher than 220*. The temp doesn't even spike when I open the lid. I did find out that when I was welding the barrel it is a thinner metal. The only thing I think that could be affecting it is my charcoal basket. It is a different design than what you guys use. I couldn't find any expanded metal around here. I will post pics later of my basket and let you make suggestions.
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