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Originally Posted by billm View Post
im actually glad she made it..not my style cooking but always good to see the under dog win ..i mean she has no pro culinary training or background and cooked her way past many that did.
the other contender was a guy using weird ingredients from france ..basically ingredients that would just flat out be hard to find..
from Food Network/tv programming standpoint Melissa was the smart choice..
From what they had to pick from I agree. But the network is starting to get like general motors was in offering a ton of cars that basically were the same just a different name. I know I'm biased toward grilling and bbq'ing but it boggles my mine how this method of cooking is the fastest growing amongst recreational cookers and competition cookers yet you see no effort by the network to address this ever growing market. It's almost like the network has become too "sophisticated" for something so "simple".

On a personal level for her I'm very proud for the Melissa lady. But it's pretty much what they already have. It's nothing much different than Sandra Lee. Quick, easy and inexpensive cooking ideas. Much like Rachael Ray as well. To me they've already got these types persona's and styles already. Oh well. I need another cup of coffee.
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