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Thumbs down Food Network's "Next Big Star" winner. Another "Suzy Home Maker" persona.

Once again Food Network disappoints me but I actually picked the winner from the first episode. I knew the moment I saw the Melissa lady, the one with the blond hair, constant cheerleader face and stay at home soccer mom look that would be the one they picked if she didn't just totally screw it up and I was right.

So we have another cookie cutter persona. They've already got Sandra Lee and the Italian lady who are all basically cut from the same mold. Now we have another "Suzy home maker type" persona to add to the list. I read an article the other day that said BBQ and BBQ competition was the fastest growing "sport" and recreational food type in the country. More people are getting into BBQ. Yet you see none of that on Food Network. They try to project the same ole cookie cutter persona's. What a waste.
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