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Default First Brisket on the New UDS

I just recently finished my UDS and was planning on using it next weekend for a family cookout. But as all who have put together a drum know - you get that itch to break it in. So after work Friday I stopped by Parks and picked up a 8 lb packer to get a little practice in.

I figured to have everything ready for 6:00 pm Sunday dinner and so had the UDS loaded by 6:00am.

I was worried about the temp kicking up quickly and actually loaded the UDS a little too cool, but the temp did come up much faster then on the WSM. No harm done other than a diminished smoke ring.

Norcoredneck had mentioned to hold the temp close to 200 on the dial to hit the right temp on the grate and worked it like a charm.

Once the temp was at about 203 on the dial and 234 on the center grate the UDS locked in and held steady until the wind picked up. But even then it only took a small air intake adjustment to lock in again.

At around 3:30 internal temps were about 188 and off the brisket came - smelled great. Separated the point, chopped it and in a pan it went back into the smoker. The flat went into a cooler for a rest. I also added a few ABT's for an appetizer. 4:15 the ABTs came off and the endz stayed on but were starting to look and smell real good.

Finally at 5:30 I sliced the flat and took the endz off for dinner.

The slices were tender and tasty but a little dry. Nothing a brush of sauce didn't cure. Next time I will foil during the cook and maybe add some apple juice. The endz were great and enjoyed by all - never seem to be enough. Always room for improvement, but overall I was pleased with the first UDS smoke and am thankful for all the great info everyone has shared.

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