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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Hello to all, newbie to the forum been lurking around for awhile. Picked up a couple of drums measuring 42"x27'' built a uds for myself help my brother build his. Both were brand new so I rub the inside down with lard and put about 10# of charcoal in it and fired it up, got up to temp in about 20 min added some oak threw on a chicken that I had in the fridge and a roll of sausage and let the uds do it's thing 2 1/2 maybe 3 hours open it up all I can say is that was some good stuff. put the lid back on shook the coal basket, wanted to see what kind of burn time i would get. Got up this morning checked it out it was at 185 shook the coal basket again opened the bottom holes up went right to 230 closed 3 holes off as of 3:00 it is 215 amazing.Very informative thread read it all. Total cost $41.00 for 26" webber grate. Information picked up on this thread '' PRICELESS" thank"s for your time.
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