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Originally Posted by bbqfans View Post
I am at that point where I neee to make some cash in order to survive

I am thinking of a home based BBQ operation. I intend to have garage sale on weekends and just happen to be smoking some goodies and sell it on the side(under the table so to speak).
I was going to start by offering small samples to those comming by, and when hooked, take orders.
Would this work The cookie ladies did it that way
Help a brother

like said in above post being a cowboy hurts it for everyone else we are all trying to make a living and my feelings are if i have to jump through all the hoops to make a livin so should somebody else!

now sellin out of your garage thats a different story while having garage sale if you can get away with it thats on you.

but i know if i was set up somewhere legit and some dude pulls up and starts sellin and hes not legit id be the first on the phone...
should be fair playin feild for all.
just my 2 cents.
stand back son watch this!!!
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