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Originally Posted by Hugh Jorgan View Post

Like I've said. lots of people call their SUV a truck, but that don't make it a truck.
Sir! I must correct you because I cannot stand idly by while this travesty of truth is distorted! According to the "Cash For Clunkers" law, all SUV's are considered Category 1 trucks. I refer you to the following excerpts from the final ruling:

"Category 1 truck means a non-passenger automobile, as defined in section 49 U.S.C. 32901(a)(17) and 49 CFR 523.3, except that such term does not include a category 2 truck."

"A “category 1 truck” is a non-passenger automobile. This category includes sport
utility vehicles (SUVs), medium-duty passenger vehicles,7 small and medium pickup
trucks, minivans, and small and medium passenger and cargo vans. It does not include

vehicles that are defined as category 2 trucks.8"

in light of these recent developments, your entire argument is null and void. good day, sir.

i said good day!

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