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I was responding to one person in particular who was antagonistic to me. I responded in kind with what was said to me. This was not aimed at any of you other guys.

No reason to change the name of anything. As long as you say "Here ya go sir here is your BBQed chicken/beef/goat/iguana/alligator...", you'll be all right. When ya hand 'em pulled pork ya can just say, "Here's your BBQ."

That is, as long as it's cooked over a bed of live coals, at a sustained temperature not more than 25-30 degrees than what you intend the final temperature of the meat to be. Served with sauce on the side.

See we haven't even gotten to argue about that one yet! The actual act. You guys are still hung up on it being pork. Lol I gotta big smile on my face, hope you guys do to. And by the way, Funky friend, Ponce de Leon didn't carry cattle until the second trip. Some 6 or seven years later.

I just got up to check on the butt I'm BBQing in the oven, studded with jalapenos, rubbed with salt, injected with worcestshire sauce and apple juice, wrapped in bacon, wrapped in foil.

JK it's just lightly rubbed and on the UDS. Gotta get some more ZZzzzzzzzzsssssss. It will come off about 9 - 10.
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