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Originally Posted by Hugh Jorgan View Post
Thanks I'm not in Florida anymore, I'm back in SC now. But if I couldn't be here, I would love to be there.

Are Webster's Dictionary and the Oxford English dictionary not real books? See this is why I think this is a gang up party. You must not have even read what I posted earlier. Seems like you're just jumping on the bandwagon. I have presented facts and their sources.
So I should refer all history questions to a couple of dictionaries? Not a gang up party, and I read the entire thread before posting. If you are going to cite historical references and the best you can come up with is a couple of dictionaries, I would suggest that your argument is pretty weak.

As for the bandwagon, you'll notice that I didn't tell you that your definition was incorrect, but merely asked you to cite reasonable sources. Since you disdain as current English rather than historical English, let's go back to Websters' and Oxford. Neither of their definitions said anything about BBQ being only pork, and most of your other statements regarding history aren't included there either.

You arguments are weak, as is your logic. Attempting to dodge my request for acceptable historical references beyond a dictionary by accusing me of jumping on the bandwagon is a failing argument. It's clear you are attempting to win this particular argument by wearing us all down with your constant repetition of "I believe it, so it must be so". At this point, it is clear that no amount of other evidence is going to convince you to come off your beliefs; I believe I will go have a beer and read other posts from folks who have something worthwhile to offer.
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