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Originally Posted by Hugh Jorgan View Post
My point is just as I have stated.

BBQ is an act, a verb. For a couple of hundred years when people said let's eat BBQ, they meant pulled pork. I guess you could say that they were wrong using the term in that manner. I am not really arguing that. I am just saying that traditionally, BBQ is pork. Only in the past few decades has BBQ been anything other than that. Not so hard to grasp really.
Please stop repeating the same old stale statement and provide us with some references. You know, real books and/or other accepted authorities as others have done that support your statements, not simple repetition of something that apparently, judging from the complete lack of folks willing to back you up here, is only in your particular belief system.

If it is traditional, as you have repeatedly stated, surely you can back that up with some authoritative facts that don't scream "I told you, so therefore it must be true". You aren't old enough to speak of a 300 year old tradition from personal experience; show us the facts if you want us to change our minds.
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