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Originally Posted by Hugh Jorgan View Post
I am not a greenhorn. I am not new to this at all. It is wrong to make the assumption that just because I recently happened across this forum that I just started cooking using traditional methods. I have simply just started using the UDS. Previously, we always built pits temporarily. Cinder blocks, tin and re bar. Works great, labor intensive but easy and cheap. So not a greenhorn. You should stop with the personal attacks. Most of what I have stated is history. Most of what I keep getting back is opinion. They don't mix well.

I didn't get all my knowledge from the internet either and I resent the insinuation. Records from the first Spanish forays into the new world are housed at the University of Florida at Gainesville. You can get access to them if you have a scholarly interest I am sure. I had someone who was functional in 16th century Spanish translate some things for me several years back while I was working on a Native American history project for the local university.
Amen - we're all here to share and learn. Nice to see another FL presence by the way!
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